Multitask with Multiple Monitors

Have you noticed that more workstations int he workplace rock the dual monitors? I work in commercial real estate and check out a lot of office space, and over time I’ve realized that multiple monitors at a single workstation have been increasing. I’ve been using a dual monitor setup for at least 10 years now, and I don’t know what I’d do without it. It does make me wonder why in this age we are still working on dual monitors and why no company has introduced just one large monitor. The desire for more monitors arises from the necessity for greater screen real estate on which to work and preform multiple tasks. Why don’t have just one large monitor? It seems inefficient to have to setup multiple monitors instead of one large continuous screen. Perhaps modern user interfaces have not yet advanced to a point to where they can provide a system to meet our needs. I’m envisioning a future similar to Tom Cruise interfacing with a large screen in Minority Report. Additionally our desks will become touchscreens and we will no longer have piles of papers on our desks.


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