Does LinkedIn have a future?

Does LinkedIn have a future? Todays Wall Street Journal had an article outlining LinkedIn’s public listing and whether the company’s IPO is overvalued. I personally think that LinkedIn does not have potential for expontential revnue growth to justify 200 times earnings valuation. The service provided is differentiated in that it provides a professional networking platform for the workplace which is something that Facebook does do a good job of; however I think that LinkedIn is just a tool for networking opposed to Facebook which serves as a complete social networking platform and could eventually overtake LinkedIn as future generations grow up using Facebook. LinkedIn’s investors are heading to the exit because they see the writing on the wall that the LinkedIn’s future is limited. If LinkedIn anticipates future revenue growth, I have a hard time seeing what avenue they will take. I don’t think they will succeed by placing more advertising or superfluous gimmicks since most of its users view it simply as a utility.

LinkedIn – Wall Street Journal Article


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