How Do Ski Areas Tweet?

I would think Twitter would be a great channel for ski areas to provide ski conditions for their customers. Individuals who plan to travel to a ski area are influenced by conditions at a specific resort and the travel time, and then they combine the information to generate a cost benefit analysis of which ski area will provide the most return (fun on the slopes). Perhaps ski areas could Tweet a form message that is consistent day to day in order to allow individuals to easily understand what the conditions are like, Keep it Simple! Additionally a link in the tweet would direct users to a website viewable on a mobile device with key stats and a few pictures of the current weather/mountain conditions. A barrage of superfluous tweets by a resort can cause someone to be overwhelmed and annoyed by the constant flow of unnecessary information. Obviously the ski area is trying to promote itself and create a dialog with customers, but I stopped following specific ski areas because of the constant stream of Tweets it was sending. See the image below for the various Tweets, and notice that there is no consistency between condition reports, so I have to analyze each report to ensure the conditions are what I am looking for which is opposed to a consistent message which can easily be deciphered. Its great that they are streaming all the information and actively promoting social media, but sometimes its too much and unnecessary.  All I want are the facts.


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