Reality TV Stats

    What happens when I’m bored………..

    A few days ago I happened to be watching TV which isn’t too often, but I did see a preview for the upcoming season of the Bachelorette. The Bachelor/Bachelorette is reality TV series which has been on TV for a combined 22 seasons. The premise of the show is for a Bachelor(ette) to find a wife/husband among 25-30 contestants who jockey for the attention to be selected to continue on the show for another week as the Bachelor(ette) reduces the pool of contestants down to a single person whom they will propose to during the final episode. In following with the standard Reality TV format the show encourages extreme behavior as well as provocative and sexually suggestive situations. After watching the preview I questioned how the show continues to attract an audience and how each season is differentiated in order to reduce predictability. My prediction was that the show uses a younger pool of contestants each subsequent season in order to target a larger younger generation or increase specific behaviors to attract viewers.

To analyze my prediction I collected data of contestant ages from Wikipedia; however a few of the seasons were not available and due to time constraints I worked with what I was able to collect. The results may be skewed due to the gaps in data, but I was still able to prove a theory with what I was able to collect. Below you’ll see the statistics of the seasons I analyzed. From the data collected it was found that each subsequent season of the show experiences a younger pool of contestants which can be attributed to the decreasing standard deviation that signifies a pool of contestants closer to the mode therefore fewer older contestants because the average age tends to decrease as well and below the mode. Additionally I extrapolated that Bachelorettes were more likely to choose a contestant whose age was closer to their own while bacehlorettes age continued to decrease each subsequent season. The Bachelor was more likely to select a woman much younger than themselves regardless of the Bacehlor’s age. In order to strengthen my assumptions, I should analyze season ratings to determine if they increased or decreased depending on the age of contestants or Bachelors or Bachelorettes. Most likely I will not be watching this season, but my prediction for the upcoming season of the bacehlorette……she will select a contestant within 1.5 years of her own age and the pool of contestants will most likely have an average age of 28 with a standard deviation of 2.5.


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