QR+Cure = Qure – 21st Century Panhandling

As part of my entrepreneurship course, we were challenged with creating a concept to solve a problem that would help 1 billion people or generate 1 billion in revenue. At first this seemed like a difficult challenge; however once my team was able to determine a global problem to solve we were able to generate hundreds of solutions. Our original plan was to solve the problem of affordable housing, and at first this appeared to be a very broad topic because we did not specify region or too causes for this problem. Once we determined that our focus would be the US we were able to figure out root causes of affordable housing a few of which were: transportation costs, jobs, family size, food prices. From the root causes we discovered that by thinking big first and then narrowing our focus we were able to generate more creative and innovative ideas. During a brainstorming session the idea of homeless was brought up and the rapidly changing landscape of monetary transactions would reduce collections of panhandlers. Panhandlers have relied on tangible currency for as long as there has been a form of money, and now there is potential disruption on the horizon by the increasing reliance on digital transactions and or credit cards. Our problem then became how do we enable panhandlers to continue collecting donations? Our solution was a QR code which would be linked to an shelter where an individual would have to check in to redeem the donations on a debit card. The purpose of incorporating a shelter would provide validity to the individual collecting donations as well as structure and support to monitor the way which the donations would be spent. The structure and support would help the individual obtain the resources to move off the streets and be self-supporting.

This was the original concept which was passed around by email.


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